Sponsorship Opportunities with Distribution Strategy Group

Promote your company to industry leaders by sponsoring Distribution Strategy Group’s thought leadership and research projects. Distribution innovators and key decision-makers value our team’s expertise and insights about the distribution industry.

Gain Visibility for Your Company

Align with our brand as we deliver value to our audience and your potential customers through our research projects and the Wholesale Change webcast and podcast. You’ll get:

  • High-quality leads, including senior executives and decision-makers in distribution, manufacturing and private equity
  • Awareness and reach in your target market
  • Expert advice on targeting and messaging

Sponsorship Opportunities Available

Industry Research Projects

Distribution Strategy Group reports are based on primary research and informed by our expertise to give executives a clear and comprehensive picture of the market.

  • DSG develops the content, which is editorial (and not advertorial) in nature
  • DSG publishes findings on our website with a download link to a professionally designed whitepaper
  • 1-2 webinars accompany each research project

Sponsor Benefits: Get a 2-minute slot on one webinar and receive contact information from all individuals who download the research or attend the webinar.

examples of DSG whitepapers, webinars, and the wholesale change show

Wholesale Change Webcast & Podcast

  • The Wholesale Change Show webcast and podcast is the most informative and entertaining hour in distribution
  • Recent guests include leaders from Global Industrial, Lawson Products, Johnstone Supply and Alibaba North America, and many more from distribution, private equity and more
  • Live webcast every Wednesday at noon ET/9 am PT; episodes archived
  • Every show released as a podcast within 48 hours
  • Attracts thousands of leads a year

Sponsor Benefits: Receive contact details from live webcast registrants and a one-minute ad read by the hosts.

Have an idea of your own? We will work with you to develop a sponsored package that works for you to help you stand out from your competition.

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