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2021 State of Reports

Every year we reach out to our audience to gauge how they are faring in different areas of their organizations. We analyze and share that data and what it means for distributors.

The State of eCommerce in Distribution, Part 1

The State of eCommerce in Distribution, Part 2

The State of Sales
in Distribution

State of Technology
in Distribution

10X Tech Stack: Supercharge Your Procure-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash Cycles

In this free report, Jonathan Bein and Rob Kelley present technologies that dramatically shorten the time from procurement to payment while reducing errors, rework and eliminating unnecessary labor most payment operations require.

What Customers Want

We’re finding that distributors are changing how they’ve traditionally marketed and sold their products. But are they doing it quickly enough?

This report, based on surveys of more than 8,000 end-users, provides an aggregate view of survey data.

Value Creation Series

Creating Value with a
Clear Value Proposition

Creating Value with
E-Business at Scale

Creating Value with
Inside Sales